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My name is André. Im 11 yearse old. I like animals. I love handboll. My best freinds is Emil,Matteus and Hampus. My favorite movie is Fats and the Fourios and one time in Phuket. I love my family and my cat.My cat name is Maja. And i have a dog. My dog name is lingon. I live in Sweden,Skåne,Kävlinge. I have one brother and my mum and dad. I play XBOX360 and PS3 and computer. My teachers is Eva-Lotta and Kristina. My favorite game is call of duty.

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Do you like coffee?
NiklasTuovinen   (15.03.2013 10:52)

creebers are easy to kill is me
Ville_H   (18.02.2013 12:55)

I like minecraft too. Do you like to kill zombies? Minecraft is the best game ever.
Jarkko   (18.02.2013 12:53)