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Hi! My name is Hanna Sjö and i'm 12 years old. My birthday is 11/2.I have a twin, Elin Sjö, and a little sister, Thea Sjö. My parents name is Ulrika Sjö and Anders Sjö. Sjö is lake in english. I have no pets. I live in Lilla Harrie in Kävlinge. My school name is Rinnebäckskolan and my teachers name is Eva-Lotta. My hobies is horse riding and scouting.

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Nokia VS Samsung which is better?
NiklasTuovinen   (15.03.2013 17:40)

My birthday is 4/4!
suviJ   (18.02.2013 17:44)

Do you like dogs?
Does your school have iPads and SmartBoards?
Juha   (18.02.2013 10:55)

Do you like dogs?
How do you go to school?
Mirelle   (18.02.2013 10:54)