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Hi! My name is Emmy. I am 11 years old girl from Kävlinge in Skåne in the south of Sweden I have 2 brothers Simon 9 years and Björn 26 years. My mum's name is Ann and My Dad's name is Peter. I go on rinnebäcksskolan. I have 1 dog and his name is Douglas. My dad had 9 fishes. My 2 teacher is Kristina Nilsson and Henrik Philström. My favorite famous person is Justin Bieber beacus he is so sweet and he sing very good. My best memory is when I got My first dog 2012. My favorite candy is chocolate. My favorit sport is riding and figureskating, I love horses and I love figureskating beacus I like to was on ice. My favorite food is pasta salad and tacos (I love fruits and vegetables. My dream destination is to go to New York in USA or Barcelona in Spain I and my family going to Crete in Greece it will be very fun. (It's the first time I go abroad.)


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What do you like ice. Tea?
suviJ   (03.05.2013 12:30)

What pizza do you like?
Reeta_Marsy   (27.03.2013 14:16)

suviJ   (25.03.2013 11:12)

@Emmy okey
suviJ   (13.03.2013 20:35)

@Emmy ok. I like horses, too!
suviJ   (01.03.2013 12:24)

Hello! How are you? What do you like?
Waltteri   (19.02.2013 09:04)

Do you like horse?
suviJ   (18.02.2013 10:10)

What your favorite Pet?
suviJ   (18.02.2013 10:04)

Have been to many times in Crete last summer.
Hilja-Iiris   (05.02.2013 15:05)