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hi philofix are my favorite tv serials. In the serials the woman called philofix she crafts with glad, paper and more things.





The lord of the rings and Disney/ Johanna

My favorite movies is The lord of the rings and Disney. My favorites of the Disney is Tangled, Lion king and The hunchback of notre dame. My favorite tv serial is The annoying orange, it's so funny. It's about a talking orange with eyes and mouth. He annoys other fruits and vegetabkes and other types of food. If mostly ends with the fruit or vegetable getting knifed or blended, but i have seen many else in the annoying orange. The annoying orange serial never gets old, it's the best serial i have seen, especially the one with santa claus and pumpkin.

Astrid lindgren/Johanna

I also like Astrid lindgren movies, my favorite ones is Emil i lönneberga, Ronja rövardotter, Madicken and Pippi långstrump.

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Your texts are nice to read, Johanna!
anonymous   (21.05.2013 20:50)