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About me Johanna. Hi! My namn is Johanna Ekström. I am 12 years old. I live in Kävlinge in Skania. My school is rinneback school. My favorite hobbies is theatre, cardplaying, computer games and sculpturing. My talents is singing, painting, makeup, illusion and cooking. My favorite school subject is math, woodwork and physical activities. I like to watch movies, play with my friends and play on my computer. My favorite color is black and blue. My favorite movies is Disney and Lord of the rings.  My favorite food and drink is hot dog and potato dumplinks and coca cola. My favorite candy is red meter, jelly raspberries, green frogs, milk chocolate and grilled marshmallows. My favorite fruit and vegetable is apple, lemon, bananas, bell Pepper and broccoli. My idols is Eric saade, Kim kardashian and Adam Lambert. Love, Johanna.

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@suviJ January 22

hi! When is your birthday?

@Tiina_S Math, woodwork and physical activities.

What´s your favourite school subject?

My favourite school subject is maths.

@Teacher_Kristina No not yet, but i will start this year. =)

Hello Johanna!
How are you this afternoon?
Are you still in a theatre group?