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Hello! My name is Zoni and I 13 years old. I have a dog and a cat.

I like  snowmobling and hunting. I live in Isohalme and I go to Kursu school.My family is big.

I have a moped and a snowmobile. My moped and snowmobile is pop a feelia. My best friend name is Walle and Make. I have 1 brother and 3 sister.



I live in  Isohalme. Isohalme is small village. In the Isohalme it is good to hunt.

There are is nine houses.


My name is Joni but my nick name is Zoni.


Yes i like snowmobile and mopeds.

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Whats your dog and cats name?
Christoffer   (06.03.2013 15:45)

Are your name Joni or Zoni??
Victoria_w   (25.02.2013 14:53)