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About me oda Hi! My name is Oda Huseid. Im 11 but sune 12 years old. My best friend's is My Morin, Isabella Segovai Lundh, Viktoria Wahlund and Emilia Shenberg. I have 24 friends in my class. I have brown hiar, glasses and one hand. My teacher's is Eva-Lotta and Kristina. On my leisure i dance, i jogging and I go on jouniors. My favorite colour is green and blue. My favorit school subjekts is math and crafts. My favorite animals i frog and ducks. I hav 5 sibling mom and a dad. We are 8 people in my famely. My birthday is update 16 may. My favorite sport is dance or gymnastick. And my favorire food is tacos and we hav tacos every friday. And now you know litte about me. Se you later hope we kan have skype togeter. Love Oda Huseid !



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