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Hi! My name is Haldo and I'm eleven years old. I have a mum, a dad and a little sister, Elsa. We lives near the school, Rinnebäcksskolan, in Kävlinge. I like the school. My favourite subject is mathematic. I have many friends, one of them is Elias, and very nice teachers. I like handboll to, and I'm pretty good, I think... On My sparetime, a part of handball, I like too play on my phone, reading, look at TV or just be outside. I like the nature, and if it summer I like to jump the trampoline and swimming in the sea or in a pool outside. Like all the other people on the Earth I eating. My favourite food is snitzel, with potato and bearnaise sauce. Mum and dad cooking much of our food.


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Haldo. Do you like ice Tea
suviJ   (03.05.2013 12:32)

What's your favourite food? Do you like tacos?
NiklasTuovinen   (04.04.2013 20:20)

@Haldo i'dont really like skiing
suviJ   (13.03.2013 20:33)

@Haldo Ice hockey is really nice :)
NiklasTuovinen   (01.03.2013 17:32)

@Haldo Do you like skiing?
suviJ   (01.03.2013 12:32)

@Haldo My birthday is 4:th april.
suviJ   (28.02.2013 19:09)

Hi! Do you like ice hockey?
NiklasTuovinen   (27.02.2013 17:44)

do you like football
Ville_H   (18.02.2013 13:01)

When your birthday?
suviJ   (18.02.2013 10:14)

Hello Haldo! My name is Suvi. Do you like pets?
suviJ   (18.02.2013 10:12)