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Hanna L

My name is Hanna. I live in Finland. I like dogs. We have one dog, his name is Lare. He is small munsterlander. I like read books. I go to Kelloselkä school. I like arts, PE, music and crafts.



Nice. What breed is your dog?


I read, play whit my dog, draw, do homework, play computer and whatch TV at spare time.


My favourite colour is blue, red, purple and brown.


Hi. My favourite food is fish.

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do you have any sisters or brothers?
Emma_   (08.03.2013 08:21)

What are you doing at spare time
Hampus   (25.02.2013 14:43)

Small Munsterlander
TeacherTarja   (10.02.2013 16:43)