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Kävlinge history

Battle of Lund:

Battle of Lund, one of the bloodiest battles ever in the north. The battle is a part of the Scanian War.

Other facts:


Denmark: 13 000 soilders

Sweden: 8 000 soilders

Denmark declared the war, because they wanted to take back Scania (They owned it first and took it from them, so they tryed (but failed) to take it back).


Dead soilders:

Denmark:  6 500 dead soilders & 2000 captured soilders

Sweden: 3 500 dead soilders & 70 captured soilders.


Why did they fight? :

The war was about the swedish province Scania. Sweden won, and we like that. =)


Swedish and danish captains / commanders:

Sweden: Charles (Carl) XI  (the king) , Simon Grundel-Helmfelt .

Denmark: Kristian V (their king) , Carl von Arenstorff , Freidrich von Arenstorff.



A early morning on the 4th december 1676 marched the swedish soilders to the Kävlinge-river and attacked the danish "main-camp".

1677 the danish soilders burned the swedish villages to make it harder for the swedes, by order of Kristian V ( the danish king).

The war ended 7th september 1679.


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