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Hi! My name is Emilia and i am 11 years old. I like to swim and tweaking. I have 2 sister. My sister Filippa is 6 years old and mig other sister Havanna is 1 month. My mothers name is Caroline and she is 34 years old. My fathers name is Magnus and he is 33 years old. My favorite food is sausage stew. My favorite animal is cat. My favorite color is black. I have had 3 cats. My birthday is 16th December. I have a cusin by name Natalie and she go in my class. Best wishes, Emilia


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I like twilight, too
suviJ   (28.02.2013 19:15)

is your cousin to same school of you?
Aleksis   (19.02.2013 12:10)

Hello Emilia. You are very pretty!
suviJ   (18.02.2013 10:09)