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My favorite gamle is just dance 3 and 4. Beacuse I love to dance but I do not go to a dance school.


My favorite game is Minecraft. It s very fun. There are diamonds gold and iron. In one of my world I have built. You can play single player and multi player. Some of my friends has made a server. On the server we has made houses and mines. On the server you can chat with friends.

Victor! =D

Hello! I like to play the game Minecraft. It is a fun game where everything is made of blocks and the quests is to Mine, Craft and Build! It is a game that you could play with friends and play on yourself.



Hello my name is Elliott.
My favorite game is Mincraft. Minscraft is a game where you kan building your world. It very fun. i have play minecraft in 2 yers. The creators name is Marcus Persson ( notch ) . 


My 2 favorite games is MInecraft and Call of Duty. My favorite Call of Duty game is CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2. I play minecraft on my laptop and callfo duty on my playstation 3.


Minecraft is my favourite game. That is really fun. You can play multiplayer or singleplayer. I play with my friends and talk to them over Skype. Some of my friends have made a server. On the server we can play together and build houses and more. Minecraft is almost as the real life but everything is built of cubes.


My favorite games is minecraft and GTA IV. On minecraft you can play whit your friends and chat whit then on the minecraft. You can also play singleplayer and multiplayer, and i like that game very much. On GTA IV you drive car,motercycle and truck, you can also has a Gun and shot people, on GTA IV can you also do mission. From André


My favourite game is minecraft, it is fun to play on survival mode building a house and creative mode where i blow up lots of TNT!! Sometimes i join multiplayer servers too.


My favorite games is Xenocrate 2, Bricks breaking, Cube crash. All come from Mindjolt. But i also like the games from, for example Bunny bon bon, Magic spinball, Aztec drop, Hearts, Big bang, Word Seance, Luxor and Circus suprise.


But i also like the games from On this game site it is a lot of dress up games and makeup games and food cooking games. The food cooking games is fun!


My favourite game is NHL 11, it is good ice hockey play :) Best game modes is penalty shots :)

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It seems everyone likes minecraft.
and it really is a good game,i like to play medal of honors and assassins creeds.
Roope_K   (07.05.2013 13:04)

I like just dance 3 & 4 too
Victoria_w   (10.04.2013 21:11)

Juha   (11.03.2013 11:15)

And Minecraft isn`t the est game ever
Juha   (11.03.2013 11:14)

WHY DO YOU GUYS PLAY SO MUCH GAMES????!!!! GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juha   (11.03.2013 11:14)

I like Minecraft.
Johanna_E   (04.03.2013 14:54)

@Mans You can tell what games you like and ask the others. You can write about your favourite game on the left side of the page. The right side is for comments and questions.
TeacherTarja   (27.02.2013 12:09)