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Hello Finland!

Hi! My name is Tess and i'm living in South of Sweden. I am 12 years old and i go to 5 grade in class 5b. My teahers name is Henrik and Kristina has So, English and EQ with us. We are 20 pupils in my class. I got blond halv long hair and blue eyes. I dont go to any sports right now, but i have tested swimming, gymnastic, fotball and handball. My favorite subject in school is English, handcraft and PE. My favorit colors is pink and white. I have 2 cats, one of them is eight years old and he's name is Morris. The small one is only 1 halv year and he's name is Balder. My idol is Justin Bieber. He is singing amazingly and he's so cute! I want go to he's conesert in Stockholm or Danmark in april but my mom say's no. But maby next time he came to Sweden i hope. He's new album is "Believe Acoustic" i love it!

This is me and Balder!

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Hi! What pizza do you like??

hi! When is your birthday?

Your cat Balder is beautiful

Hello. I like PE too. Do you like animals? And what is your favourite animal?

When is your birthday?
What is your favorite food?