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About Barsebäck.

Barsebäck is a village that is located near the sea. From the sea you could see Denmark. Barsebäck has 2 bathing places, Barsebäck beach and barsebäck port. At Barsebäck port there is a restaurant and an ice cream bar and at Barsebäck beach there is a kiosk. There they sell ice cream and candy. Barsebäck port and beach have a lot of cod fish and garfish and brown trout. My class has seen a dead porpoise on Barsebäck beach one time when we were in second grade. At Barsebäck port there is a lot of seaweed. There is also a fishing pier. At the second side of the port you cant bath because there are big boats and ships. There are a fort that was used at WWII.

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