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There is a lot of forests in Salla. In forests can hunt, fish, jog, walk, bike, ski and so on. There is a lot of hunting and fishing clubs in Salla. Here isn`t so much children who have a hunting card, just two child who have borned in the 2000s. But here is a lot of children who are going to hunting with their relatives. Here is a sportshall too and a spa. There is a gym and a big hall in the sportshall.



I playde handboll.

And i like handboll.

I playde on Kävlinge hk.

And our t-shirt are orange and shorts.

The guys in my team is called: Victor, Elias, Christoffer, Christoffer, Emil, Mattias, Elliott, Matteus, Haldo, Alexander. 



My favorite sport is handboll. I practice handball 3 times a week. My handballsteam name is KÄVLINGE HK. THE team that i think is best (exept my own team) is IFK KRISTANSTAD.



I like many ball games. But handball is my favourite sport. I train handball three times every week with my team. In the summer I played much handball in my garden with my little brother.


I love handball. I play in Kävlinge hk (KHK). I training on Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday. The guys in my theme called: Emil,Victor,Elias,Cristoffer,Christoffe,Alexander,Anton,Haldo,Matteus,Mattias and Elliott.


My favourite sport is handball! I've been playing handball since I was in the first grade. I have training two times every week, and sometimes I play match at the weekend. My team called Kävlinge hk. My favourite handball player is Kim Andersson, beacause he is from Kävlinge and he is a good player. By: Timea


I like handba... no, Badminton. I just changed to the teenager team and i like it better.


I like to swim. I swim every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Somtimes I go on swim competitions too. My swimming team is called SS iden.

Gymnastic! By Victoria

My favorite sport is gymnastic. I started on gymnastic when i was about 2 years old. My team is called Kävlinge gymnastics association and it's the best team ever. In one of or latest competitions we won silver. Or trainings is in the Korsbackahall. We train tree days at week, Monday, Wednesday and Thusday.

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@Mattias_R I really like floorball, football and basketball
Roope_K   (07.05.2013 13:02)

My favorite sports are wrestling and swimming. I go wrestling once a week at IK Dana in Lund, the same club that my uncle wrestled at. I often go to Vikenbadet in Furulund for swimming.
Johanna_E   (04.05.2013 00:02)