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Hunger Games

My favourite book is Hunger Games. (Yes, i have read it Måns). It´s a book about a girl who`s called Katniss. Her little sister Prim be select to the Hunger games. That game is weird. You kill each other unto it`s one winner, the survivor!

And I think the most of you have read the book, if not, do it right now!!

Twilight Saga

Twilight books  is very good. I have all of them. Reading is cool. You have to read Twilight books!!


Hi! My name is Hanna_.

I read: "Book Five of The Belgariad, Enchanters´ End Game", or in swedesh; "Femte Boken, Ödets Fullbordan, Sagan Om Belgarion".  I have read book one, two, three and four of the Belgariad before. Book five is the last book in this series.

I love to read, and my twinsister too.


Last time i read The Hobbit in both Swedish and English version. Now i read Lord Of The Rings, and when i'm finished i will read all three books in english again!!!!

I read The Twilight Saga! I love it! I have seen the films "Twilight","New Moon","Eclipse","Breaking Dawn part 1" and "Breaking Dawn part 2". I read the books and i have read "Twilight", so i read "New Moon" now. Edward leave Bella, he are so terrible.

Bilbo an unexpected journey

My favorite book is Bilbo an unexpected journey. Its really good and i love to read it. I am soon done with the book on swedish but i gonna read it on english. i have seen the moovie and thats whas altso really good. I  really like to read and i recommended the book. 


Eragon is a book about a boy called Eragon. One day when he is out hunting, he finds a blue stone. He brings it home and a fel day later it shows it isnt a stone. Its an dragonegg! And thats how an incredible adventure over whole Alagësia starts. Theres 4 books about Eragon. By Märta


I love to read! now I read "fire" by Mats strandberg
and Sara bergmark. And "the twits" by Roald Dhal too.

One of my favourite books is "the bronze dragger" by
Michelle Paver. it is about a boy who searching for his

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Bilbo an unexpected journey

I really love that book and the movie was perfect!
Roope_K   (07.05.2013 12:59)

Hihi @Hanna_
Victoria_w   (10.04.2013 21:04)

I love to read.
Johanna_E   (04.03.2013 14:53)