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My letter

Hello My name is Matilda and 12 years old. I have blont hair. I have green eyes. My favourite interest is play. My favourite pet is dog. My class name is 5b. I go on rinnebäcksskolan. I have a brother. My parents is divorced. My dad live in kristianstad and my mom live in kävlinge. My mom name anna-lena and my step father name michael and my dad name peter. My dog name kira.


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Hello arvvvvviiiiiddddddd
Matilda_   (25.02.2013 11:37)

what is rinnebäcksskolan
Aleksis   (19.02.2013 12:03)

I have a rabbit. And my dad live on Oulu and My mom live in Salla whit me and My sister. Do you like horses? I like animals.
EmiliaK   (18.02.2013 10:57)