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Hello my name is Felicia and I am eleven years old. I got brown hair and blue eyes. I like to busy myself. My favourite pet is cat. I got a cat. My class name is 5B. I live in Kävlinge. My favourite colour is purple. I like to eat tacos. I like to play with friends. I got one brother and one sister and i live with my mum. My favourite famous person is Miley Cyrus. I like to eat candy and my favourite candy is chocolate. I will go to USA. I go on Rinnebäcksskolan. My favourite subjekt is PE, English and Handicraft.


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What you favourite food?
EmmaArola   (15.03.2013 10:54)

Matilda_   (25.02.2013 11:52)

What is you favourite a colour? What is you favourite an animal?
JuhoS   (18.02.2013 10:07)