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My name is Tarja. I teach English both in Salla central primary school and in Salla’s village schools.

I have four children. My eldest sons already live on their own. My youngest child and only daughter, Milja, goes to Salla Secondary School. My husband, Petri, is a class teacher and this year he teaches the fifth class. I also have a dog, Zappa. Zappa is a Finnish Lapphund.

In my leisure time I read a lot. I also take exercise a few times a week and take walks with my dog. At the weekends I often go to our summer cottage. My favourite pastime is travelling.  I really like it, because I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. It is very interesting. You learn new things every time.


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Starting to get the hang of it, at last!
Teacher_Kristina   (03.02.2013 20:26)