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My name is Natalie. I like horse ridning and swimming. And I like scoter. I have 4 dogs home! Im 11 years old. My favorite food is pancakes and tacos. My last name is Israelsson. I have a mum she name is Caroline. And my dad's name is Mattias. I have a sister she name is Felicia. My first dog's name is Mio And my next dog's name is Jumjum Then wi Miramis and Jiry. I love dog!!!

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hi! When is your birthday?
suviJ   (22.03.2013 12:27)

What is your favorite pets?
Pinja_P   (22.03.2013 12:19)

I like riding too :)!
Reetta   (18.02.2013 15:35)

What is your favorite color?
When is your birthday?
Janette   (18.02.2013 12:45)