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Hello! My name is Emelie Olsson. I am 11years old. I have a sister and she's name is Natalie and I have a brother too! He's name is Christoffer. I love football. My brother is 14years old and my sister is 6years old. I living in Scania, in the south of Sweden. My dog's name is Tilda and my rabbit's name is Truls. My mum and dad is best. My mum's name is Lisa or Lisbeth and my dad's name is Roger. I going in 5B. My shcool's name is Rinnebäck. Best wishes, Emelie.


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Hello Emelie

hi! When is your birthday, emelie?

What breed is your dog?

I have too brother. Do you like arts?

What is your favorite pets?
What is your favorite coulor?