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Hello! My name is Niklas.  I am 12  years old, my birthday is April.

My hobbies are ice hockey, skiing, football ,floorball air gun shooting and biking. My favourity subject is english and history :-)

I have two dogs Pyry and Marski.

I like listen to rock music :-) My favourite band is Iron Maiden :-)

I like travelling, music, thai food, green tea and coffee :) My favourite food is tacos, thai foods and sushi :)



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I love Iron maiden!
anonymous   (20.04.2013 20:07)

Iron maiden is the best band in the world!!!

Iron maiden is the best band in the world!!!

@John Yes, i like watch movies, my favourite movies is Harry Potter movies

@Mans My favority food is meatloaf. but idon't know what is the favoritys food in finland :(

@Wiktor My favorite sport is ice hockey.

@Wiktor Yes, sometimes