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Hi! My name is Måns Strömer. Im a 11 years old boy in sweden. Im like to play badminton and piano songs and some computergames... My birth date is 18/7 My favourite subject is math and NO. Im a little bit crazy .Bye!


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@Mattias_R I speak a little swedish.
NiklasTuovinen   (08.04.2013 17:25)

Hej Måns!
NiklasTuovinen   (05.04.2013 13:00)

You look like a girl?
Juha   (12.03.2013 16:20)

What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite computergames?
ViiviK   (11.03.2013 10:20)

@Matteus remember to speak Englsh! :)
anonymous   (05.03.2013 19:24)

HI! How are you? What animal do you like?
What do you like?
Waltteri   (19.02.2013 08:58)

What computergames do you play?
I like math too.
Do you like geography?
EmmaK   (18.02.2013 12:57)