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Hello my name is Jutta Törmänen. I'm a twelve years old. My family consists of my mother, father. brother and sister. My sister name is Ruusa. She is eight yuears old. My brother names is Panu. He is fourteen years old. My mother name is Piia-Paula. She is thity-eight years old.My father name is Juha. He is forty-oneyears old.

I have a pet fish. There are more than six out of ten. I have named them, some.

I hobbies gasketball and playing the piano.


I LOVE HORSES AND PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hello kitta:D i like you:-) you is happy
anonymous   (03.05.2013 12:38)

@Mans Hello! My favorite food is spaghetti!Yummy!
Jutta_T   (02.03.2013 12:25)

@Mans Hi! My favorite color is blak and pink.
Jutta_T   (01.03.2013 12:35)

@Andre Hi! I'm 12 old. My favorite animals is hovrse. I love horses.
Jutta_T   (01.03.2013 12:33)