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Hello! My name is Arvid Liabäck, and i'm 12. We are four in my family: Mum, dad, Saga, me and our cat Sös. I play badminton, Viola and sings in a choir. I like Lego and Minecraft too. Flying Jacob is my favourite food, but I have a very good taste for all food. English and physics is my favourite subjects.


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anonymous   (08.04.2016 11:51)

jag älskar dig men du är dum
anonymous   (08.04.2016 11:51)

hej arvid de är jag din vän
ochjag tängker döda dig när jag jag kan
anonymous   (08.04.2016 11:49)

Do you like ice Tea:-) i like ice Tea!

Heeeeeee. My precious. LOL

Hi Arvid! I love when you play Smeagol when you see my ring from the lord of the rings. It's hilarious! I love the lord of the rings just like you, and i got all the three books on english. Love, Johanna.

@Juha It is the food

Hej Arvid!

do your school has SmartBoards and Ipads?

What is flying jacob??!!

Hej Arvid. Jag kan inte mycket väl svenskt

@Arvid Hello!

:D :D :D

Why do you play so much games?
Do you like sports?
What are your hobbies?
What do you even like?