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Hey my name is Ted.I like to play on ps3 online on black ops 2/mw2/dead rising 2 off the record and mw3. I like to play handball. I live in a little village its called kävlinge. I have a brother he name is Leo. My mom work on a daycare. we start school 8:00 and we stop at 14:05 Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday at 14:30 and Friday 13:25.

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Do you like sports??????
NiklasTuovinen   (21.03.2013 09:27)

Juha   (12.03.2013 16:18)

Its mw3
Juha   (12.03.2013 16:18)

Mv 3 is best game a playstation ever. Do you like assassing creeder
Jarkko   (18.02.2013 12:59)