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Pinja V

Hello! My name is Pinja. I am 13-years old. My family is granddad, grandmother, dad, little brother and big brother. My mum lives in Habaranda.

We have many reindeer and one dog. Her names is Iitu.

I live in Kursu and I go the Kursu school. I'm in class 6. We have small school.

My hobby is dancing, but I like icehockey too.

My favourite food is sauteed reindeer.



Hello! My favourite animal is horse and I love riding! <3 Do you like horses?



I think icehockey is not dangerous. Its funny and fast hobby. :)


I can't say what sauteed reindeer taste, but you have to taste!


My favourite color is black, white, pink and grey, but I like many colours too.


My favourite subjet is PE and art.


I am not ever taste a sushi, but maybe I taste it.

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@Joni Hello! :-D
PinjaV   (07.02.2013 13:22)