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Hello my name is Viivi. I'm 11 years old. My birtday is 12.7. I have two sisters, Aino she is 13 years old, Helmi she is 7 years old and I have one brother, Hiski he is 5 years old. I dont have eny pets. I have so many hobbies, skiing, basketball, I play the piano and I read a books. I like horses, cats and dogs.

Me :)

MiljaOksavaara, Hilja-Iiris

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@Emilia_O thanks :)
ViiviK   (06.05.2013 10:46)

I like to go and skiing to;)
Hampus   (25.02.2013 14:56)

good :)
ViiviK   (25.02.2013 10:37)

How are you today????
Sanni_J   (18.02.2013 18:35)

ViiviK   (18.02.2013 18:31)

Hello Viivi!!!!
Sanni_J   (18.02.2013 18:31)